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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SNUG?

The Schools National Users' Group, Inc. (SNUG) is a consortium of K-12 educational entities using a variety of enterprise software.  SNUG promotes improving the efficiency and effectiveness of enterprise software products as well as the sharing of information among product users. SNUG is a Premium Member of the Official PowerSchool User Group Network.


2. What are the benefits of my SNUG membership?

 SNUG Members can participate in our SLACK channel, utilize the User Directory, and access Conference Presentations from previous user conferences. Members also receive discounted conference fees for the National User Conference, and have direct input in the SNUG Enhancement Process that PowerSchool will be developing during the next year or two. Most importantly, SNUG members can build valuable relationships with other PowerSchool product users as the SNUG organization represents a united national front to keep the quality of the products at the highest possible level.


3. How do I join SNUG?

 From this website click on "Member Benefits" from the left menu. Then select "Member Application" and follow the prompts.You will have the option to pay by credit card through PayPal or you can send your registration fee to SNUG, PO BOX 110869, Anchorage, Alaska 99511-0869, Federal Tax ID Number: 47-5596037.  You will receive email confirmation of your payment.


4. Why are membership dues payable by January 1st each year?

 School districts nationwide operate under various fiscal calendars. In order to have a standard renewal period, SNUG uses the Calendar Year instead of School Year or Fiscal Year which can vary by member organization.


5. Which PowerSchool product lines are represented on the SNUG Board of Directors?

  •     BusinessPLUS
  •     eFinancePLUS/PowerSchool ERP
  •     eSchoolPLUS/PowerSchool SIS
  •     PowerSchool Family
  •     Unified Talent
  •     Schoology
  •     Cyber Security/Engineering

6. Why is the National Conference scheduled around  the October time frame each year?

 Conference survey results from previous years have shown October to be the best time frame for most conference attendees. It is important to understand there is no perfect time frame for a national audience and Conference dates are subject to hotel availability for each conference location.

7. How do I access the SNUG web site's member-only content?

 From this website SNUG members can access the "Members Only" content of the site by logging in with their email address and password located in the upper right hand corner of the page.

8. How do I know if my district is a member of SNUG?

 If your school district is a member of a consortium, or state purchase agreement, please contact your PowerSchool license holder. If not, please contact Chris Hampton  She will be happy to assist you with your questions.

PO Box 110869

Anchorage, AK 99511-0869

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