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Seven Steps to a Highly Effective Presentation

1. A brief synopsis of your presentation details should be submitted to the Product Line Representative as soon as possible. This synopsis should be no less than a two sentence paragraph summarizing your presentation subject matter. The objective of your synopsis is to acclimate participants to the module covered, the level of technicality (beginners, advanced, expert), and the software version used.

2. Handouts are encouraged! Everyone likes a good handout to pack home with them! When formatting your handout, please keep it in a font that will be legible when projecting in a large room as well as printed out. Screen shots can be the most valuable to users and can also present the most challenge when formatting for easy viewing. Here are some ideas:

a. no more than one screen shot per slide/page

b. use a picture editor to edit out headers/footers/etc. extraneous to your presentation

c. before taking the screen shot, change your screen colors to get as close to a black-text-on-white-background as possible.

A final copy of all your handouts should be submitted in electronic format to the Product Line Representative no later than one week prior to the first day of the conference. Meeting this deadline is necessary for copies to be generated by the SNUG organizers as well as made available on the SNUG website for all participants.

3. Laser pointers are always a nice complement to your presentation. You’re welcome to bring your own favorite with you.

4. Please bring your own laptop with VGA/HDMI port to connect to the projector. If you plan to remote into your district’s database, be sure you have tested that prior to your session.

5. Stay within your allotted session timeframe. A couple of practice run-throughs should give you a good idea if your content is complete.

6. Have fun! Graphics and sound (in moderation, of course) add levity and visual interest to help keep the attention of your audience.

Now relax! After you’ve checked off these items, you’ll look like a pro no matter what the topic!

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